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Fertile Future: Sperm Banking Program

Trust 30 years of sperm storage experience

Sperm Storage Bank

There are a number of circumstances that may lead to the need for sperm storage with California Cryobank. The process involves a simple trip(s) to our facility for consultation and deposit(s). A private room equipped with DVDs and magazines is provided to make the experience as easy as possible. An appointment is required.

If you are unable to come to the Cryobank, we can arrange for you to complete the paperwork at home and have your semen specimen dropped off by a family member or friend. If you plan to make these arrangements, please contact California Cryobank to make an appointment.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact us at 866-477-3762.

Semen storage services are available at our following locations: Los Angeles, CA; Palo Alto, CA; Manhattan, NY and Cambridge, MA.

Per regulatory requirements, there are certain infectious disease screening tests which are required. A blood draw and urine sample can be completed at California Cryobank during your appointment. Testing on these specimens will be performed by an outside laboratory.

Sperm banking may be considered under a number of circumstances:

  • Prior to cancer-related therapies
    Some treatment of lymphomas, testicular and other types of cancer can frequently render male patients infertile. Storing sperm prior to treatment offers the patient the possibility of retaining his reproductive capabilities.
  • Prior to testicular or prostate surgery
    Sterility may occur following testicular surgery or prostatectomy. The option to store sperm prior to surgery may preserve a man's reproductive capability.
  • Prior to a vasectomy
    The option to store sperm prior to a vasectomy can preserve fertility potential and prevent the need for reversal surgeries in the event that circumstances change during a man's lifetime.
  • Prior to hormone replacement therapy
  • Prior to an upcoming fertility procedure
    Storing sperm prior to assisted reproductive procedures ensures its availability at the critical time of the procedure – including when the husband's schedule does not permit his availability.
  • For high-risk occupational exposures
    Recent studies have shown that on-the-job exposure to hazardous materials can have profound health consequences, including male infertility. High risk occupational exposures may include (but are not limited to):
    • Men exposed to environmental toxins such as chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, lead, radiation, and an increasing list of agents used in everyday life.
    • Professional athletes who risk testicular injury.
    • Men in the military or first responder professionals.
  • For oligospermia (low sperm count) patients
    If oligospermia has been diagnosed, pooling several previously banked sperm specimens to be used for one insemination may increase the chance of pregnancy.

How It Works

The sperm storage process generally involves 1-3 visits to the Cryobank depending on the client's needs. The client will meet with a coordinator to complete the storage forms. The client will then provide his sperm specimen along with urine and blood* samples for infectious disease testing at the first appointment. Alternatively, infectious disease testing can also be performed at your doctor's office or medical facility within a designated timeframe before or after your appointment. 

The client is encouraged to contact the coordinator the next business day to discuss the number of deposits recommended to suit the storage client's needs after reviewing the full sperm analysis and post-thaw result from the patient's first visit. The number of future visits and deposits will depend on the individual client's needs and availability.

* Infectious disease screening is required by our licensing and accrediting agencies for the protection of the client's recipient and future children. A Cryobank technician will draw blood and the screening will be performed by a licensed independent laboratory.

Additional Information

How do I open an account?
Call us at 866-477-3762 to schedule an appointment to open a storage account.

Where are your locations?
Our offices are located in: West Los Angeles, CA; Palo Alto, CA; New York, NY, Cambridge, MA and Houston, TX. We also have Semen Storage Service Provider locations in Midtown Manhattan, NY and Las Vegas, NV. Phone numbers for each location are listed at

How long can my sperm be frozen for?
Frozen human cells processed and stored at cryogenic temperatures in liquid nitrogen can be stored indefinitely. There is no known upper limit as to how long sperm and other cells can be stored, provided that they are continuously maintained in liquid nitrogen. There have been reports of sperm stored for over 27 years which was thawed and inseminated, resulting in healthy children.

How many deposits will I have to make?
It depends on the quality of your specimens and your future family plans. Our Client Depositor Coordinator will make recommendations, answer technical questions and can discuss your semen analysis results. You are not obligated to follow the recommendations and should always consult with your physician prior to making your final storage decisions.

How long should I abstain from ejaculation before each deposit?
It is best to abstain at least two days and no more than five days prior to each deposit. Two to three days is considered optimal.

Is it possible to collect semen at home rather than at California Cryobank?
For optimal results, we recommend you collect at our facility. However, if you can deliver your specimen to California Cryobank within one to two hours of collection, you may collect at home in a sterile specimen cup provided by California Cryobank.

What infectious diseases are the semen and blood samples tested for?
California Cryobank requires that all semen client depositors be tested for the following:

  • Chlamydia Trachomatis
  • Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Antibody (lgG and lgM)
  • Neisseria Gonorrhea
  • Hepatitis B Surface Antigen
  • Hepatitis B Core Antibody
  • Hepatitis C Viral Antibody
  • HIV 1/2 Antibody
  • HTLV-I/II Antibody
  • RPR (Syphilis)
  • Human Immunodeficiency Virus / Hepatitis C Virus Nucleic Amplification Test

Please Note: In the event of reactive laboratory results, additional confirmatory testing may be performed.

For additional information, please contact our Client Storage Department at 866-477-3762.

Is storing semen worth it?
Some expert opinions on semen storage:

  • "In view of the availability of such progressive developments with assisted reproductive technologies (ART), especially in-vitro fertilization (IVF) followed by embryo transfer, semen cryobanking should become an important part of the protocol for newly diagnosed men with cancer." Sanger et al. Semen cryobanking for men with cancer. Fertility and Sterility, Nov, 1992.
  • "K. Jarvi, MD at the Wellesley Hospital in Toronto reported that recovery from radiotherapy and chemotherapy is "variable and unpredictable, the only means we have of giving some assurance of future fertility is with sperm banking." Newer techniques in in-vitro fertilization, and techniques used to improve motility, allow banking for even severely oligospermic." Fertility After Testicular Cancer Treatment? JAMA, January 3, 1986-Vol 255, Number 1.
  • "With cure, the quality of life should also be taken into consideration. Maintenance of the reproductive capacity is of great concern to many of your patients....Pre-treatment sperm banking is advised routinely for many of these patients." Thatchil et al. The effects of cancer and cancer therapy on male infertility. The Journal of Urology, Vol 126, August 1981.
  • "Cryobanking of semen should be offered to all men diagnosed with cancer because such a procedure provides the only reasonable chance of establishing a pregnancy following therapy which is detrimental to fertility potential....Semen cryobanking should be offered by the attending physician as a viable option for any pretherapy male patient who has any motile sperm and considers the future possibility of having children." Sanger et al. Semen Cryobank for men with cancer. Fertility and Sterility, July, 1992.
  • "Cases have been reported where it (sperm banking) was effective, even when the semen was abnormal, and sperm banking should be considered in every case." Klien, Catherine, MD Fertility and The Cancer Patient. Coping March/April 1995.
  • "Advances in cryopreservation of spermatozoa have dramatically aided men facing irreversible or untreatable infertility due to malignancy, according to the "questions and Answers" section of the Journal of the American Medical Association ... it is difficult to estimate the success rate of sperm banking ... pregnancies are known to occur after insemination with thawed bank sperm from with various malignancies. Young men facing chemotherapy, radiation therapy or surgery for cancer may be able to father a child through sperm banking." Freezing sperm as an option for cancer patients. NCI Cancer Weekly. Feb 13, 1989, p13.
  • "Semen storage within the first 2 weeks after spinal cord injury is recommended for future fertility treatment." Mallidis, et al. Collection of semen from men in acute phase of spinal cord injury. The Lancet. Apr. 30, 1994 v343.


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